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Are you looking to grade your Football Cards/Stickers, Formula 1, NBA, NFL, MLB and Pokemon Cards with us? Are you look to buy or sell Hobby Boxes or Vintage Sports Cards with us? Please see below to find out what service best suits your needs


Choose from PSA, SGC, BGS, CSG and CGC to grade your Cards. The Grading Club have developed a revolutionary MY ACCOUNT hub that lets you track all your submissions at once with 24/7 access. We also notify upon your cards progression through the process. We accept Sports Cards/Stickers, Tickets, Pokemon Cards and other TCG Cards.

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Grade + Auction

Grade + Auction allows customers to grade a card and once returned be place in our auction house, all in one smooth transaction.


Do you have a card, sticker or ticket that you want to get a good return on? You might want to the comfort of knowing what your buying is legitimate? Look no further! Our auction house hosts some of the most sought after items within the hobby. With our competitive rates and wide audience, we promise you the very best in customer satisifaction.

The Grading Club

We offer a simple, safe and convenient service, which allows you to get your collectible trading cards graded.

Our Vision

Is to be the most trusted trading card group submitter in the world. Wherever you are, we want you to know that sending your cards through us is effortless.

Our Mission

Is to create a company that makes grading your cards, simple.

Our Purpose

Is to grade 1 million trading cards by 2026 and be the biggest group submitter outside the US.